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The purpose of the information and the content of the Webpage are solely to provide you with educational information.  The Content cannot replace the relationship you have with your health care professionals.  You should always talk to your health care professionals to receive diagnosis and treatment, including information about which medications or treatments may have changed.  Health information changes quickly; therefore, it is always best to confirm the information with your health care professionals.



The Website will watch over the truthfulness of the Content expressed on its Webpage.  However, it is not in a position to verify the accuracy, integrity or validity of all the information offered, which – in no way – guarantees the accuracy, integrity or validity of the information contained.



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In the event that the user considers that any content entered in the Webpage violates the current provisions on intellectual property or the rights of third parties regarding the graphic contents, audio-visuals, texts, logos, brands, distinctive signs, designs, applications or procedures, they must send a communication to Email tucirugiasegura@gmail.com indicating their name, address, telephone and Email; the precise, supported and complete grounds of the infringed intellectual property rights; their location on the Webpage, the declaration of accuracy of the alleged violation and the data of the third party to whom the violated rights belong.

Any request regarding the violation of third party intellectual property rights must have the authentic signature and the data of the owner of the rights or the person authorized to act on their behalf and on behalf of the owner.  No request will be considered if it does not meet all the requirements set forth in this document.

The declarations and requests presented regarding the violation of intellectual property rights will be evaluated immediately by tucirugiasegura@gmail.com and the contents will be removed from the pages as soon as it has been verified that the content is not owned or that is being used or published without the proper license.  Otherwise, the contents will remain on the Webpage, after responding to the alleged request with the relevant legal supports.



The website https://tuoperacionsegura.com does not host any type of third-party advertising or advertise own services or products.

Authority of the information

Our forum is moderated weekly by its authors.
The moderators and administrators are volunteers. They use the following pseudonyms: Tuoperaciónsegura.
Moderators and forum members should not be considered as health professionals.


The information provided in https://tuoperacionsegura.com has been designed to support, complement and not replace, the relationship / council / information provided by the medical professional to patients / visitors / users of the website.


All messages can be read and used by the general public, all messages can be used and cited in other pages. You do not have the option of deleting your messages, however under special circumstances, you can contact the moderator to do so.
References or citations of your messages can not be deleted, please take care and time to review the information that will be published in the forum.


Our forum is aimed at the general public / patients / health professionals.
The moderators and members of the platform should share the information in an environment of respect and honesty.
Using our forum, you agree to spread true, correct information according to current knowledge and your experience. We also invite you to provide sources (references, links, etc.) when it is about medical information.
It is not allowed to publish advertising messages under editorial content, banner, or links.
The moderators reserve the right to delete all inappropriate messages without warning their author. In case of abuse or excess, the moderators reserve the right to exclude a member of the forum, In both cases an explanation will be provided if the internet user demands it.

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