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TU OPERACIÓN SEGURA (https://tuoperacionsegura.com) was born as a pilot project of the ICT Master’s in Health at the CES University Faculty of Medicine.  The Center for the Evaluation of Health Technologies (CEHT) is part of the work team, which coordinates with medical specialists, generating technologies that support the model of service provision for the patient’s well-being.

The contents created in TU OPERACIÓN SEGURA are created and edited by medical specialists, thanks to the years of experience in carrying out these surgical procedures and the detailed evaluation of medical articles that are referenced at the end of the different contents, when it is considered necessary to cite them, in order to generate information that may be useful to the people who follow TU OPERACIÓN SEGURA.

The physicians who form part of the work team are Dr. Lina María Quintero Velásquez, M. D. and Anesthesiologist from CES University (2001 – 2004).  She has a Masters in Innovation and Communication Technology (ICT) from CES University (2016 – 2018).  As an advisor in the area of Plastic Surgery is Dr. Juan David Betancourt Parra, M. D. from CES University (1988 – 1993) and a Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon from the Santo Amaro University in São Paulo, Brazil (1997 – 2002), and Body Damage Appraiser from CES University (2004 – 2006).

The mission of TU OPERACIÓN SEGURA is to provide educational information about cosmetic medical surgical procedures, so that people can obtain complementary information about their surgeries and better prepare themselves.

The PURPOSE of the information and the content of the Webpage are solely to provide educational information.  The content can NEVER replace the relationship with the attending physician, or the medical exams.  Each patient is unique with his or her singularities; therefore, the data and information that is handled on the page obeys to a generality and a scientific foundation, but this does not mean that the things will happen exactly as they appear in the information of this page.

TU OPERACIÓN SEGURA is aimed at people, both men and women, who want to obtain information about cosmetic surgical procedures.

The medical responsibility is a means and not a result; that is to say, it will be according to all the care, diligence and attention that the physician places in the patient, in an act of face-to-face attention, to be able to carry out this type of surgical procedures.

Blog that fulfills the function of informing about the different topics regarding these procedures, the environment around the choice of the surgical team, the institutions, the medical conditions that may be necessary for the safety of the procedure, the previous care and the special conditions that could arise in this type of operations.

A Self-Completed Test, which is done anonymously and with information entered by the person who fills it out.  At the end of the test, this will immediately give you some recommendations on four important aspects that you should validate with your attending physician:  The Possible Risk of Deep Venous Thrombosis, a previous evaluation by the attending physician of the diseases that you suffer, laboratory tests to perform before the procedure, and products – such as commonly used medications, vitamins and herbal supplements – that should be avoided before these surgeries.

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The security in your procedure is given by the evaluation that the surgical group makes of your current conditions.

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